OTP is a distribution company to wholesalers, tobacconists & formal retail traders throughout Southern Africa.


The tingling, tantalising sensation your taste buds get from biting into a fresh spearmint leaf. 

Prefilled pods for the AirsPops Pro and AirEgg. Easy to use, leak resistant and convenient with no coil changes or refills required.

• Package includes 2 pods
• Pod Capacity: 2ml
• Coil resistance: 1.2 ohms

Unique production
AIRSCREAM lab has developed a hybrid nicotine delivery solution that anyone can enjoy.

Strict control
• 0 Tar
• 0 Carbon monoxide
• 0 Suspended particle

Food grade aseptic material
Only the highest quality food grade materials are used in all AirsPops components to ensure the best consumer experience.

Taste surprise
Heart-crafted flavours for sharing happiness, one vape at a time.

Product Size:

x2 pods

Product Code:

0% N/Salt – AC10, 3.6% N/Salt – AC31, 5% N/Salt – AC51

Please note: Prices excluding VAT.


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