AirsPops “Pro” Lite Set Rosy Pink 700mAh

The AirsPops Pro redefined the potential for stick mods by o!ering a far richer flavour experience than thought possible.
It has since become our bestselling, critically acclaimed device for its superior MTL vaping experience.
Here’s what Nick ‘GrimmGreen’ Green said about the AirsPops Pro
“This is 100% worth the price of admission. I don’t really consider it a pod system.”
The vaping revolution continues with the AirsPops Pro Lite!
By bringing the AirsPops Pro’s experience into a more a!ordable body, now everyone can enjoy a superior vaping experience!
The AirsPops Pro Lite comes 3 trendy colours, Aqua Blue, Mint Green and Rosy Pink with the distinctive AIRSCREAM minimalist design.
It is perfect for newcomers looking for their first interchangeable pod system device: easy to use and maintain, and beautiful form with amazing user experience.
With the AirsPops Pro Lite, you have the flexibility of using it as an open system device, or with the AirsPops Pro pre-filled pods,
where its leak resistant design gives peace of mind for users on the go while retaining the superb AirsPops Pro flavour experience

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